improving your credit score in 21 days
One of the biggest problems that most borrowers have is that they don’t take the time to do the proactive legwork to qualify for mortgage financing.  Frankly, it’s not their fault since hardly anyone goes to the trouble of educating them on some very simple steps prior to starting the official loan process.

Here are some very powerful tips to help increase your scores, which may make a huge difference in the ability to qualify and negotiating better loan terms.

1) Before a Full mortgage credit report is obtained, pull a consumer report on your own and determine where potential issues exist and begin the process of resolving them.  These “soft pulls” will not damage your credit scoring.
2) Limit the amount of credit checks of any kind to prevent numerous inquiries, which will drag down your scores.
3) Keep revolving credit accounts below 30% of the available balance and always keep a running balance, which show ability to pay on time.
4) NEVER close good revolving accounts even if you rarely use them.
5) Any accounts that are in dispute must be removed from that status.  This has an arbitrary effect on credit scores and lenders will not proceed with disputed accounts.


Go to the FTC link //  and opt out of any credit solicitations for 5 years.  After your loan closes you can opt in if you wish.  After you’ve opted out you CANNOT under any circumstance run credit of any kind of report for 15 days.  On the 16th day we will run your mortgage credit report.

We have seen scores jump anywhere from 20 to 100 points by proactively following all these steps, particularly using the opt out process.

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