Loan Application Information

What information will be needed for the application (and how it’s kept private)
Anything you submit over our website is 100 percent, fully secure. Once you begin the online application, you will notice that the web page address changes to https:// instead of http://, showing you that your private data is being protected by a double layer 128 bit encryption technology called SSL (secure socket layer). To read a comprehensive summary of the technology we use to protect your personal information please go here. And we never, ever share it with anyone except with your express permission — that is, if you’re giving us information you want us to use to get you the best loan, we use that information to tell mortgage lenders about you and arrange for them to loan you money. In turn, all of us are bound by federal law (Graham-Leech-Bliley Act) to keep your information secure.

Here is a list of the information mortgage lenders will use to consider your loan application.

For all loans

Social Security Number and date of birth, for borrower and co-borrower if any
Employment History
For the last two years, employment dates, addresses, salary.

 Application Checklist

Use my Application Checklist to gather the documentation required by my lender.

Contact name and number for telephone verification of employment.
Check and Savings Accounts and Certificates of Deposit
Name of holding bank, account numbers and balances;
Stocks, Bonds, and Investment Accounts
Broker’s name and address, description of stocks, bonds, etc.
Life Insurance Policies
Insurance company, policy number, face amount, cash value, if any
Retirement Plan
Approximate vested interest value
If you plan to withdraw funds for downpayment, loan payment amount
Make and model of automobiles, their resale value
Other Assets
Market value of personal and household property *A rough number is sufficient
Liabilities and Other Non-Mortgage Debt
Please give only the minimum payment due for all credit or loan accounts.

If you own real estate

Name and address of all mortgage lenders for the past 24 months, monthly payments and balances. *If your mortgage has taxes and insurance impounded, please break these payments down separately.
Address, date of purchase, gross rent and market value for ALL rental properties owned.

If you rent

Name, address and phone number of landlords for the past 24 months

If you’re buying a home

If a source of your down payment is a gift:
Name, address and relationship of donor.
Gift funds will be verified in both the donor and recipient’s accounts.
Note: Not all loan programs allow gifts to be part of your down payment.