Sacramento Mortgage Lenders Provides VA Streamline Refinance Loans

Reduce your VA loan interest rate with a VA Streamline Refinance. Also known as a IRRL, this no cash out refinance only for Veterans.

  •  Have a VA loan?
  •  No mortgage lates in the past 12 months?
  •  Had your loan for more than 90 days?
  •  Want to lower your payment?

Congratulations, you are pre-approved for a Streamline Refinance!*
*Subject to verification of the above

It’s really that easy! Take advantage of the single largest benefit of your VA loan by streamlining! Also known as the IRRL or Interest Rate Reduction Loan,
  • VA Streamlines don’t require proof of income or assets. Lost your job? No savings? Doesn’t matter, you are still entitled to a refinance.
  • VA Streamlines don’t care if you have new credit problems…collections, judgments, liens mortgage payments as long as your minimum credit score is 600!
  • VA Streamlines don’t require money to close escrow! You can even receive up to $500 cash back at closing!
  • VA loans never carry a pre-payment penalty; so you’re free to refinance at any time during the entire loan term without any extra cost.

Wait! It gets even better

  • VA Streamlines allow you to skip your next month’s mortgage payment!
  • Closing costs are far less than when you purchased- some fees are waived or discounted. All closing costs can be financed.
  • Your old escrow reserve account (taxes and insurance impounds) will be closed anda cash refund will be sent to you after closing!
  • Your Streamline can close in as little as 20 days from your application.
  • Documentation is a snap! Only the following is required to underwrite your loan:
    • Driver’s license/SS card
    • HUD-1 Closing statement
    • Deed of Trust
    • Mortgage statement
    • Mortgage Note
    • Insurance information
    • DD214

Don’t have your Certificate of Eligibility? No problem. Submit the above documents and we’ll pull your COE electronically from VA.

Why use a VA Streamline Refinance through Mortgage lender in Sacramento?

The two main reasons to use a streamline is:

  1. to reduce your interest rate or
  2. to change loan programs, such as from a 30 year term to 15 year term (or vise versa), or from an adjustable rate to fixed.

If you are interested in a cash out VA refinance, we do that as well, but it requires full qualifying, and a full appraisal. We’ve been proudly serving Veterans since 1989. Not everyone you will deal with has the expertise, ethics or near 2 decades of experience we can provide you.